This is to acknowledge the generous support of all who have made the progress we have achieved possible. The support has been both monetary and through donation of time and attention. Much has been done and more remains to be done. The Cemetery is now in better condition than at any time in the past 75 years. Thank you all.

We thank the following for their significant contributions to the Cemetery's preservation:
The JBG Companies        Capitol City Contractors       Phil Dake       
Mary Ann Barnes     
Lyle Torp                      Eileen McGuckian        Chevy Chase DAR    Dottie Brault
Joan Geer                        Town of Kensington, MD    Montgomery Co Dept Public Works
Ernest Aschenbach             John Higgins                        Knowles Little     Sally Higgins Harbaugh
Margaret Welsh May        Leonard Becraft                    Jean Skrzynski    Jean Brault
Joan Novotny                   Rachel McGuckian            M&M Walter Higgins    Maude McGovern
Patty Woodruff                Laura Edson                        Rebecca Parlakian    Kathleen Kellinger               
Peerless Rockville            The Ottery Group

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