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5720 Arundel Avenue, Rockville, MD

Higgins Family Monument Darius Higgins Tombstone A new sign was placed July 2011 George Knowles Tombstone

Chevy Chase DAR is holding their Day of Service at Higgins
Sunday, October 11, 2015
1:30 - 3:30 PM

Summer 2015 we are restoring 3 head stones to cemetery

Your donation is needed to complete this project
Removing rusted pins
Tax-deductible donations for our on-going preservation effort are encouraged.
Make checks payable to "Higgins Cemetery Preservation" and send to

Knowles G Little, Treasurer
9109 Scott Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

    The burying ground known as Higgins Cemetery holds at least 11 known graves of Higgins family members and probably several of their slaves.  James Higgins (1732-1816), a planter who served in the Maryland militia during the Revolutionary War, and his wife Luraner Becraft Higgins (1744-1819) were the first generation to be buried on their farm. With their son James Becraft Higgins (1772-1848) and his wife Mary Eleanor (1784-1845), they are memorialized by a red sandstone monument that was placed in the center of the cemetery in 1866 by their descendants.
    A grass roots community effort begun by concerned citizens and Peerless Rockville ignited a series of actions that led to long-term partnerships.  These groups helped to incorporate Higgins Cemetery Historic Preservation Association in 1999 and obtain designation on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation in 2010.

  Our  Fall 2012 improvement added corner stones on the 1927 fence boundaries.

It was dedicated December 15, 2012 in a ceremony with Scouts, Chevy Chase DAR, and friends of Higgins Cemetery.

The ceremony included honoring all veterens, including wreath-laying and recognition of participants in the stone project.
A buglar opened and closed the ceremony.

The October 2012 Eagle Scout Project of Patrick Hall had participation of Troop 90 and the Higgins Board.

Red Seneca Sandstone was donated from the farm where the original 1866 marker stone was likely quarried. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mary Gott's grave marker returned June 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Real estate agent in Carroll County found Mary's stone   Rockville unloading crew
Mary Gott's marker was found beside this home in Carroll County, MD   It was carried back to the cemetery and required four of us to move it.

On June 7, 2011 Mary Gott's marker was returned to the cemetery. It has been missing since 1980 and was found in Carroll County, MD by the realtor, who loacted us through the efforts of the Carroll Co. Genealogical Society (http://www.carr.org/ccgs/) and the Montgomery Co. Historical Society (http://www.montgomeryhistory.org/). The mystery of the marker's whereabouts remains. We hope that other missing markers will find their way back home!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Path Construction Project~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On May 16, 2009 Boy Scout Troop 90 built a path across the width of the Higgins Cemetery.

Project was led by Peter Dougherty to complete his Eagle Scout requirements.
The Board is pleased with the results as the Senaca gravel used matches the stone used in the Higgins monument.
This project is another step toward fulfilling our master plan.
  There was a lot of shovel work in the beginning.   The completed pathway runs next to the Higgins monument.
Removing grass in path  Completed with Ernie's bend

Everyone helped - Scouts, parents and our Board members, making completion possible in one day.

Side frames form  Filling the red sandstone gravel

Taking time out for some Higgins history
Higgins monument
We have a 40 minute Power Point presentation about the Cemetery history.
If your civic organization is interested in showing it at your meeting, please contact either John Higgins or Knowles Little.

October 28, 2006 celebration of the significant restoration progress we have made since 1998.
Recognition Day
DAR Plaque
"James and Luraner Higgins" appeared in period costume to describe life in 1800 and to join in recognizing our significant contributors.
 Volunteers from several organizations helped clean up the grounds. 

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Tax-deductible donations for our on-going preservation effort are encouraged.
Make checks payable to "Higgins Cemetery Preservation" and send to

Knowles G Little, Treasurer
9109 Scott Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

The cemetery is located at
5720 Arundel Avenue
Rockville, Maryland 
Higgins Cemetery Historic Preservation Association, Inc
We meet 4 times a year to maintain and improve the cemetery.
We encourage you to share any related information you may have.